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  • Image of Komi
  • Image of Komi

Original Art by Syoryukenn! Check him out at https://www.instagram.com/syoryukenn/ Used with permission.

Full: 5"x7", Diecut, Black Vinyl Only.

Peek: 4.7"x3", Diecut, Black Vinyl Only.

I only make a few of these a day, so I please ask that you be patient with your order.

Printed on Clear: 5"x3.6", Black, Printed on transparent vinyl (similar to reimu/berserk). Comes with transfer tape.

DIY Kit: Comes with one precut, unweeded sheet of vinyl, and one sheet of transfer tape. Not for beginners.

Stickers are cut on high quality, UV protected vinyl, and have a 1+ year outside rating. This sticker is fragile, and not for the faint of heart. It needs to be applied carefully. If you screw up on the application, you're allowed 1 (one) replacement sticker. Warranty included, and only available on "Full" and "Peek" options. Valid up to 1 month after arrival. Email me.